About us

Mission statement

Our mission is to be recognised leaders in supplying horticultural enthusiasts and the wider community with high quality carnivorous plants and advice, suited to Mediterranean climates. Our knowledge and enthusiasm is focused on promoting cultivation, appreciation and conservation of these unique plants and their natural habitats.

About our nursery

We are a family run carnivorous plant nursery specializing in plants for cultivation in Mediterranean climates. We supply high quality plants, growing accessories and specialist advice. All of our plants are hardened and acclimatized to outside conditions to give you the strongest and most vibrant plants possible.

Our carnivorous plant nursery is located on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. The Fleurieu offers amenable climate year round, with four distinct seasons. It is typically Mediterranean with cool winters May to August (between 2 – 18 degrees) and hot dry summers November to March (between 25 – 40 degrees). Annual rainfall is ~645mm, which is about 200mm greater than the closest capital city, Adelaide.

Our family have qualifications in horticulture and over twenty years experience cultivating plants, with a focus on carnivorous plants. We enjoy sharing our passion and experience to help people enjoy and respect these fascinating and rewarding plants.

We regularly take our plants to markets & fairs throughout S.A., as well as operate our online nursery through this website and eBay. Consider following us on Facebook and subscribing to our newsletter for exclusive offers, advice and latest news.

Customer satisfaction survey

Some of our customer satisfaction survey results have been averaged and aggregated for you to see. This data is automatically updated weekly.


Recent customer satisfaction survey comments

  1. Yes, am wanting to order the correct soil mix for my order. Have checked your store and don't know which is best for the varieties I have. Could you please let me know which is the correct mix to buy as this was a Christmas gift. Thank you. Cheers. Yvonne. - YVONNE L
  2. Love the plants I received. I especially liked being able to order the growing medium, the pots and the tray. Very impressed. - Sue N
  3. After some initial concern my order was still processing I contacted Compass Carnivores to ask why. Reason was due to high temperatures in SA which was true. I received the order within 3 days after and they are in perfect condition. I live central coast Queensland and they made it here with no problems. - Dean P
  4. A little more information if delays occur, otherwise super happy with my order! Thank you! - Christopher B
  5. Lovely website! As a beginner Carnivore, I had to stop myself from ordering too many plants. I'll be back! - Jane G
  6. Yay I am a winner of a $50 voucher ,so i was so pleased to go shopping and had a buy up, i love your plants they came to me in perfect condition, and one week on they are all very health thanks so much leanne - Leanne W
  7. Very happy overall with Compass Carnivores, the only minor hitch was that the sundews I ordered had been banged around the box a bit and had the sphagnum stuck all over it which has left some residue and damaged leaves. New ones are already growing though so they'll look great again soon. - Laya J
  8. 1 x Glassochrome pencil is missing from my order - David H
  9. I was so happy with the quality of plants in my first order I am back again after a few weeks!!! Will definitely recomend them too anyone who inquires about plants of this sort. Cannot fault any part of the process- from ordering, to the timeliness, or the quality of plants & the shape they arrived in. - Hayden L
  10. I was extremely happy with my overall experience except my only thing was the quality I didn't expect to see so many dead stems. But also this was my first posted plant order ever. - Jade L
  11. Delivered super fast. Packaged really well. Really happy with my purchase - Andrew S
  12. OMG! This was my best online purchase ever. Not just CP related, best online transaction ever! Adam was brilliant and accommodating of my special request. Thanks heaps. Plus the plant is amazing too ? - Damian P
  13. They should have something where you can compare products - David H
  14. great packaging, great instructions on website hightly recommend thanks guys - Jodie W
  15. I cannot believe how quick this was posted to me! And I knew exactly what to do when they arrived as I spent the short time waiting reading info on your site! - Tessa A
  16. Was a bit disappointed with the packing.. Plants were very squished, hopefully they survive. I was also disappointed that a lot of the plants I wanted were out of stock. - Kara P
  17. I would like to thank the staff for accommodating my request, and for they helpfulness. I will definitely return for more in the future. - Hoang P
  18. Everything was good except I was expecting the plants to be more advanced as per the picture on the website I am still happy with my purchase the picture is a bit deceiving. - Tony D
  19. Great website with adequate information. Quickly posted and arrived well packed. Will be a returning customer - Bec M
  20. Ordered a Drosera and it arrived super fast and in perfect condition with healthy new growth! I also ordered a “mystery box” straight after my plant arrived and am super excited to see what awesome plants I get. Highly recommend these guys! - Lara B