About us

Mission statement

Our mission is to be recognised leaders in supplying horticultural enthusiasts and the wider community with high quality carnivorous plants and advice, suited to Mediterranean climates. Our knowledge and enthusiasm is focused on promoting cultivation, appreciation and conservation of these unique plants and their natural habitats.

About our nursery

We are a family run carnivorous plant nursery specializing in plants for cultivation in Mediterranean climates. We supply high quality plants, growing accessories and specialist advice. All of our plants are hardened and acclimatized to outside conditions to give you the strongest and most vibrant plants possible.

Our carnivorous plant nursery is located on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. The Fleurieu offers amenable climate year round, with four distinct seasons. It is typically Mediterranean with cool winters May to August (between 2 – 18 degrees) and hot dry summers November to March (between 25 – 40 degrees). Annual rainfall is ~645mm, which is about 200mm greater than the closest capital city, Adelaide.

Our family have qualifications in horticulture and over twenty years experience cultivating plants, with a focus on carnivorous plants. We enjoy sharing our passion and experience to help people enjoy and respect these fascinating and rewarding plants.

We regularly take our plants to markets & fairs throughout S.A., as well as operate our online nursery through this website and eBay. Consider following us on Facebook and subscribing to our newsletter for exclusive offers, advice and latest news.

Customer satisfaction survey

Some of our customer satisfaction survey results have been averaged and aggregated for you to see. This data is automatically updated weekly.


Recent customer satisfaction survey comments

  1. Was really impressed with how fast and well packaged it came. I've never ordered a live plant in the mail before. Thank you for an excellent first time experience. - Vicky K
  2. I am not terribly impressed with 1 of the green cape sundew. I think it was to small to be classed as a plant to sell, i even thought there was only 1 in the packet untill I opened it up and found the other one mixed up in the moss. Expect an email requesting replacement if it doesn't survive. I don't remember seeing anything on the site about feeding them untill they start feeding by themselves or to supplement if they are not getting enough. (Maybe I missed it). - Roy M
  3. Order arrived in good condition, all plants looked healthy when they arrived, Your reference center with instructions of how to plant and care for the plants is excellent. - Paul D
  4. I was a little bit disappointed with how small of a plant i got ( 3-4 very small traps) gand am hoping it grows big and strong soon. Otherwise everything was perfect - Erin D
  5. I have recommend Compass Carnivores to afew friends who are also enjoying the plants from this site. Fantastic customer service from this seller. Thankyou for wonderful plants - Kathryn M
  6. great value for money - Steve C
  7. Some of the sun dews like the Dosera Binata and Dosera Binata Var Multifida f. Extrema came extremely small it would have been nice to have a size on the website of how big the actual plant you are buying currently is. The pictures were a bit misleading as they made you think you would get a nice sized plant. Other than that Everything else was great. - Aaron H
  8. Had great success after planting within a week - Terry M
  9. I am more than happy with everything. Thank you Adam for quality customer service. State of plants on arrival - beautiful!! Cornelia - Cornelia R
  10. I think perhaps a different packaging for venus fly traps. All the mouths were closed and 1 had spag stuck in its mouth. - Nicole R
  11. Great communication, great value, can't wait to buy again - Rebecca P
  12. I found this business via a group on Facebook, I was surprised at how fantastic the customer service is. The postage is fast efficient and the packaging is perfect. And most importantly, my plants are healthy. I will return in the future! Thank you!! - Lauren T
  13. Well I was delighted by your kindness, but am not really a customer but a beneficiary.. I would like to be a customer as you stock lokksbeautiful on your website. Kath - Kath D
  14. Great products and well priced. Definitely will place another order soon !!! Thanks - Alex A
  15. Very happy with the customer service. Will definitely come back when you restock a few of your other plants - Andy D
  16. Love the selection and how fast the delivery was. I was so excited to receive the order! Will definitely be back to order more soon! The Venus fly traps arrived with lots of traps snapped off though, I understand it happens sometimes but it may be an option to look into better packaging for them - Karly S
  17. All plants I have recieved is growing healthy and I recommend to anyone who want to have carnivorous plants. Also compasscarnivoroes have nice little tag come with the plant and I love those. Thank you! - Chihiro N
  18. I purchased white push-in labels and a Chinagraph pencil. I did not purchase any carnivorous plants. Leonard Lambert - Leonard
  19. Thank you for throwing a little fly trap 🙂 - Damien N
  20. The product I bought was the mystery box so it would be better if they were labelled. - Tsung T