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Buyback program

It’s the time of year when most people are dividing and re-potting their Venus Fly-Trap collection. As such, we thought we’d help people figure out what to do with all of their extra divisions.

Sell them back to us for hard, cold cash!

You choose between:

  1. 35% of our product retail value in cash.
  2. 40% of our product retail value in store coupon discount.


So if you have some extra divisions from your plants this winter / spring, shoot us an email to let us know what you have and see if they are varieties that we need. We’re always in need of more plants of some varieties and other varieties, such as typical flytraps, we may not need more of. But don’t hesitate to ask! This is an easy way to get rid of extra divisions while growing your collection through store credit or getting some quick cash.

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