These are a collection of frequent questions we are asked. There’s a lot more information available in the Resources section too. If you can’t find an answer your looking for please contact us.

Do you sell non carnivorous plants?

We are a boutique nursery specializing in carnivorous plants. While we have sold non carnivores on our website, they must be something pretty amazing. We are more likely to advertise special non carnivorous plants on Facebook and eBay. Consider signing up for our newsletter and following us on Facebook for latest offers.

Can you recommend a plant for me to start with?

Of course. Get in touch and we help you get started. If you’re after some general advice. I’d recommend starting with a typical Venus Fly-Trap and a tall Sarracenia. Both of these plants are generally a little more forgiving than some of the cultivars but still produce fantastic results.

Cultivars are different varieties of the same plant. They have their own characteristics, stories and sometimes cultivation challenges. For a beginner though, it’s important to master the basics of carnivorous plant cultivation on simpler plants before diving into the world of cultivars. Otherwise you risk life long heartbreak and an empty wallet.

Why buy from us?

Our plants are cultivated to high standards, and are grown to be strong and resilient. We don’t sell plants which we would not be happy to buy ourselves. Plus we offer excellent after sales support to help you enjoy your plant for many years to come.

Can I visit the nursery?

Our carnivorous plant nursery is not open to the public. This helps protect our nursery from the introduction of pests and disease and also keeps our insurance costs down. Ultimately this means we can keep our plant costs down too

Why do your plants get sent bare rooted?

Bare rooted plants weigh much less than potted plants, so they are considerably cheaper to ship. Plus, bare rooted plants are much less likely to suffer damage in transit to you. As strange as it sounds at first, a bare rooted plant properly wrapped and packaged has a much greater chance of turning up on your doorstep in tact. Bare rooted plants don’t need to be kept upright, can’t fall out of their pot and be squashed or cut and are significantly more resistant to damage from movement in a postage box.

Will my plants survive being posted?

Yes, they will easily survive shipping. We’ve been posting plants for a long time and never had a single report of a plant be dead on arrival. We’ve got a great, time tested method of packing plants and protecting them from drying out, being damaged and insulating them from extreme temperatures.

Our packing methods will ensure your plants can survive at least two weeks in the post.

Why did you chop off the flower spike before sending me my plant?

Flowering takes a great amount of energy, and a plant’s energy is not infinite. Flowering normally occurs at the expense of other growth and vigor.  Removing the flower spike gives the plant a chance to begin normal foliar growth again. Of course, we are more than happy to not remove a flower spike, just let us know in the ordering comments or send us an email. Not all plants have flower spikes, even during the flowering period.

Can I buy plants wholesale from you?

We do not offer wholesale products for sale. We are a retail nursery only. You may buy as many plants as current stock permits, but we do not offer wholesale, trade or quantity discounts.

Can you give a talk or presentation at my garden club?

Absolutely. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss further. We would need to work out dates, times, locations and availability on a case by case basis. But, in principal, yes. We enjoy sharing carnivorous plants with people.

Can I pick out which plants I want?

Unless you’re purchasing plants from our special offerings section, we will select the best plants at the time to fulfill your order. Please keep in mind best plants at the time doesn’t necessarily equal largest plants. Our experience has been smaller plants transport and recover easier. We also consider root development, treatments and time of year when picking plants for orders.

Special offerings plants are unique, you will receive the specific plant shown. Often special offerings are large, mature excess stock plants.

When should I buy carnivorous plants?

There’s a lot of opinions out there on when is the best time to buy carnivorous plants. I’d said, if the plants are potted, anytime that suits you. If the plants are bare rooted, like our plants,  I’d recommend mid winter. Chances are they’ll be dormant, and can be potted up without disturbing the plant. This way they can begin their new spring growth without missing a beat.

Plants can be safely purchased and shipped at other times of the year. Plants won’t die, but if they are disturbed too much during their growing season they can be temporarily set back in their development.