Planting tips

Use only Sphagnum moss, Sphagnum peat moss, washed propagating sand, orchid bark and perlite as ingredients in your carnivorous plant potting mixes.

Don’t use products containing soil conditioners or fertilizers.  Don’t use any products which have had their pH adjusted. Don’t use coir or coconut fiber. These products are not the same as Sphagnum peat moss, regardless of what the staff at your local garden nursery tell you. They contain too much salt and are too alkaline.

Make sure all your potting mixes are well mixed and wet before potting up your plants. It is also a good idea to rinse your media through a sieve to flush out any soluble elements too. We recommend flushing your media at least two times with rainwater. Never pot in dry media. Never plant carnivorous plants into the ground.

Keep your plants in shade for a few days to a week after potting up. The shade helps give them time to adjust to their new pot. When introducing your plant to sun, it’s not uncommon to get some burning and die-back depending on the time of year. Plants will recover from this and put on new, sun tolerant growth.

Always keep your plants in a tray of water during their growing season. Increase the depth of the water as temperatures increase. During summer Sarracenia and Dionaea will be very happy sitting in a tray of water at least 1/2 pot deep.

Re-pot and divide your plants ever few years during winter while plants are dormant.

For more cultivation information and articles see the Resources section of this website.

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