Dionaea muscipula

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The Venus Fly-Trap is perhaps one of the best-known and amazing plants on Earth. Evolving from Drosera, the Venus Fly-Trap is best known for its ability to lure, trap and digest insects using leaves which snap shut.

Venus Fly-Trap typicals, the colloquial name given to plants which are not clones or cultivars, are grown from seed and division. They vary in their appearance and growth habit and vigor.

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Family: Droseraceae

Name:   Dionaea muscipula

Rank:    Species

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  1. plantswithteeth (verified owner)

    Despite the fact that this is the typical variety, and there are so many wonderful and unique other varieties you can get, I still loved these typical plants! Truly they’re not really typical at all, but amazing!

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  1. A I'm afraid they can't eat either. We recommend only ever letting your Venus Fly-Trap catch insects by itself. If you must feed it, make sure the insect is alive, the plant needs living insects to set off digestion. I can hear your sigh as you realize these guys won't eat your enemies!