Drosera aliciae


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Drosera aliciae is a very attractive rosetted perennial carnivorous plant native to South Africa. It is a subtropical Sundew, and can easily be cultivated in Australian conditions. The plant forms a small, tight rosette of wedge-shaped leaves, up to 4-5cm in diameter. Under conditions of natural light, the insect-snagging tentacles will develop a very deep red colour.

Drosera aliciae does not need high humidity and grows readily in outside and inside conditions. D. aliciae does not need dormancy, and can be grown year round if conditions suit. The plant can be grown inside during winter.

D. aliciae flowers are large when compared to many Drosera species. The flowers sit about 20-30cm above the plant.

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Family: Droseraceae

Name: Drosera aliciae Raym.-Hamet

Rank: species


Distribution map points are indicative only. They do not identify wild plant populations. We do not support or encourage collection of wild plants without authority and proper permits.


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  1. A I'm not aware of any weed risk assessment for D. aliciaea. I'd be inclined to suggest the species could naturalise in micro-habitats which are favorable to cultivation. Just as D. capensis has been recently recorded as a naturalised species in the central coast bioregion of NSW.