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Drosera binata, commonly known as the Forked-Leaf Sundew, is known for its ability to become a large insect-catching plant with a dense bush-like appearance. The plant’s tentacles usually curl around food within 10 minutes. Leaves generally do not curl noticeably around prey unless the food size is quite large.

Drosera binata is a very adaptable, easy and enjoyable fast growing plant. D. binata occurs naturally in Australia, primarily in coastal areas from Fraser Island in Queensland, southwards down through New South Wales and Victoria to Tasmania and the south-east corner of South Australia.

Grow D. binata in virtually any carnivorous plant mix. We have grown it in 100% Sphagnum moss, 1:1 Sphagnum Peat moss and sharp propagating sand and a mix of Sphagnum Peat moss, perlite and Sharp propagating sand. Keep the plant in full sun, and always water from beneath using a tray.

Drosera binata experiences a winter dormancy. Depending on winter temperatures, the plant may respond by stopping growth, right through to die-back. This is completely normal, strong growth will resume in spring.

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Rank:  species.

binata, or “having pairs” – a reference to the leaves, which are divided or forked into distinct parts.

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  1. plantswithteeth (verified owner)

    Previously I had only grown Drosera Capensis. This was a really healthy plant and a refreshingly different sundew.

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