Drosera nidiformis


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Drosera nidiformis is a perennial tropical Sundew native to South Africa. They are easy to cultivate and have a compact form, making them ideal candidates for windowsill or terrarium growing.

Drosera nidiformis does not require dormancy. It will grow all year round provided temperatures remain above ~ 12°C. During cooler months, the plant can be grown on a bright windowsill inside. If grown outside all year, Drosera nidiformis will die back during cold winter and resume growth in spring when conditions improve.

Drosera nidiformis reaches full potential when fed often and grown in a bright location outdoors, where it can catch plenty of insect prey.

Only water Drosera nidiformis with rainwater or pure water. Re-pot annually in standard carnivorous plant mix.

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Family: Droseraceae

Name:   Drosera nidiformis

Rank:    species

Synonyms: Drosera dielsiana


Distribution map points are indicative only. They do not identify wild plant populations. We do not support or encourage collection of wild plants without authority and proper permits.


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