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Heliamphora nutans is a very elegant, primitive plant. Pitchers are upright with a slight curve and a slight indentation in the middle. The hoods flare gracefully and will color up nicely in bright lighting. Pitcher production isn’t as vigorous as other species or hybrids, but that also contributes to the overall elegance of this plant.

All Heliamphora grow very slowly. You will need lots of patience, but you will be greatly rewarded in the years to come.

The largely accepted media to grow Heliamphora is either pure Sphagnum moss or a Sphagnum moss and perlite mix. Keep Heliamphora in dappled sun, always avoiding hot sun. water daily, and mist on hot days. Keep protected from freezing conditions. Heliampohora can be standing in a 1 – 2 cm of water during the growing season.

All Heliamphora species are endemic to the tepuis of the Guiana Highlands and their surrounding uplands. Most are found in Venezuela, with a few extending into western Guyana and northern Brazil.

Heliampohora does not go dormant but growth will slow during winter. This species benefits from a fortnightly feeding of 1/4 strength Seasol fertilizer applied as a light foliar spray.

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The genus Heliamphora is Greek. Helos “marsh” and amphoreus “amphora”) The species are collectively known as sun pitchers, based on the mistaken notion that the heli of Heliamphora is from the Greek helios, meaning “sun”. In fact, the name derives from helos, meaning marsh, so a more accurate translation of their scientific name would be marsh pitcher plants.


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